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100 years of experience

A. Costantino & C. was founded in 1922 with the production of protein peptones and enzymes. Over the years the range of products increased to include peptones for bacteriological use, employed both by Animal Disease Prevention Centers and in industry, for preliminary preparation of milk enzymes.

Production of enzymes was consolidated in the post-war period and extended in the 1950s and ‘60s to include products for opotherapy. After casein hydrolysates were introduced into Europe from America, the production of enzymatic hydrolysates of casein for pharmaceutical use was started. Due to market demand increase in the ‘80s, resources were progressively dedicated to the development and production of peptones, protein extracts and hydrolysates from animal and vegetal origin. The application of these products lies in the field of industrial fermentation, as well as in the preparation of culture media for microbiology. Starting from the '90s, the factory went through a complete cycle of restructuring and the latest manufacturing technologies and process control systems were progressively introduced, enabling the Company with the best-possible guarantee of process and product quality.

In last few years new equipment have been installed, allowing the increase of product quality and the reduction of wastes. The innovation attitude of A.Costantino, drives the Company over new application field, connecting food and pharma market, with the production of biologically active peptides (bioactive peptides) for the arising nutraceutical market.


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