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Plant biostimulants are products able to stimulate plant nutrition processes independently of nutrient content. Their application is considered safe, as they are obtained from natural sources. Costantino's animal- and plant-derived peptides improve plant performance and induce water stress tolerance. They can activate a large spectrum of signaling events and defense reactions in plants, such as calcium ion fluxes, Pathogenesis-Related protein (PR-protein) production, and phenylpropanoid pathway induction involved in enhancing stress resistance. Therefore, the plant is more prompt to counteract pathogens infections. Our vegetal peptide complexes are approved in Organic agriculture, with the aim to reduce water need and promote plant well-being and can be used as ingredients in Customer's final formulations.


Lupin hydrolysate peptide mixture is obtained by selective enzymatic hydrolysis. It is soluble in water and can be mixed with other ingredients for the formulation of biostimulants. 

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