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Food bioactive peptides are short protein fragments that, in addition to their known nutritional value, can modulate physiological pathways, thereby exerting a positive impact on human health. Food bioactive peptides from plant sources garner increasing attention for their ability to impart more than one beneficial effect on human health. The biological activity of a specific peptides complex is strictly correlated with its chemical composition. Production of bioactive peptides involves the release of peptide fragments with bioactivity through hydrolysis of peptide bonds, starting from a suitable protein source. Bioactive peptides, compared to synthetic drugs, are less likely to accumulate in body tissues and to confer serious side effects because nature has provided the mechanism for their metabolism and utilization or excretion. Costantino's bioactive peptides can be integrated in the formulation of preparation of nutraceutical ingredients with multifunctional behavior, that represents a valid strategy in the development of new generations of functional foods and nutraceuticals. Contact our R&D team to develop together your future product.


Heme Iron shows a very good absorbency compared to vegetal iron sources. It is a dark powder obtained from selective hydrolysis of hemoglobin.

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